Posted by: Jennifer | August 8, 2011

one week in

It’s been one week since I moved to my new home. Please note the use of the word “home” — I don’t think I ever felt comfortable describing my residence as home before now. I liked the apartment that I was in before. It was big and comfortable and I made it my own. But the neighbourhood was bad and the building managers were in it for the money and nothing else. Things quickly went downhill and I was left feeling uncomfortable and sometimes afraid in my own space. No one should ever have to feel that way.

Some things that I’ve noticed since I moved to the new place:

A) I have all of the windows opened — including the ones that face out to my deck — and I’m not lying in bed at night worried about who is going to break in.

B) I’m not lying in bed at night thinking about anything at all — I haven’t slept this well in YEARS!

C) I’m excited to make this place my own — whether it be through painting or putting up shelving or adding little touches here and there — and that is something that I’ve never really been able to experience before.

D) I’m comfortable talking to my neighbours and to the other people in the area, and I have yet to worry about whether someone offering to help me is really looking to mug/assault/murder me.

E) While this is still a rental property, I’m thinking of my stay here in terms of the long-term, rather than just a temporary stop. It feels like I’m putting down roots in a community, rather than just paying money every month for a place to keep my stuff.

Nothing is perfect, of course. There are some issues that I will need to go over with my new landlady (if and when I can ever get a hold of her :P) and I’m sure that stuff will continue to come up in the future, but for the moment I’m willing to overlook the negative because it’s being drastically outweighed by the positive. I don’t tend to think about life in terms of the positive. It’s a nice feeling.


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