Posted by: Jennifer | July 27, 2011

headline round-up

Way too much going on in the news today for me to comment on everything individually. Here’s the bullet points:

* A mother in Georgia who was charged with vehicular manslaughter has been spared a prison sentence. The woman’s son darted into traffic and was killed in a hit-and-run. The man who killed the kid spent six months in jail. The mother of the child was facing three years for her “neglect”. Even the judge thought that this was a bullshit case and let her off with community service, and even that was because there has to be some sentence attached to a conviction. I find it amazing that the State of Georgia has managed to solve any and all other problems within its borders and can now spend the proper amount of time targeting those who are a real threat to their security — poor, black mothers who can’t afford a car and who suffer a horrific loss. Good job, DeKalb County!

* Scientists have decreed that time travel is, indeed, impossible. Funny, Doc Brown managed to figure it out! Maybe these scientists are just lazy slackers who don’t WANT to find a way to time travel. What are they hiding? What don’t they want us to go back into time and see?!

* Canada’s not exactly known for our crop of Summer Olympics athletes. We’re more of a winter people. That said, the Winnipeg Free Press has tagged a list of athletes to watch at next year’s Games in London. Personally, I’ll be rooting for Clara Hughes!

* One more week until the USA defaults on their debt and becomes a subsidiary of a Chinese sweatshop corporation.

* And finally, a grandmother from Minnesota spent 12 days in jail after she was caught transporting heroin over the border into Manitoba. Well, Border Services said it was heroin. Turns out it was just motor oil. But that’s totally an easy mistake to make, right? Note to self — don’t bring motor oil or windshield washer fluid in your car when travelling to the US.


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