Posted by: Jennifer | July 24, 2011

one thing

I have been inspired by several of my fellow bloggers, all of whom are creating lists of the seven things that they are most thankful for this week. I’ve decided to create a list of my own. That said, I’m not known for being overly optimistic or grateful. So I’m going to start slowly and just do one thing that I’m thankful for. Hey — gotta start somewhere!

One thing that I’m thankful for this week: that I have the ability to change my surroundings. I’m currently not in the best neighbourhood in HRM. In fact, Highfield Park has the highest crime rate per capita of any other neighbourhood in the city. When I finally reached my limit and could take no more of the drama and fear, I set out to find a new home. And I did find one, in Bedford. This is my last week in Highfield, and I was able to make that possible because I found a place that I truly love and can’t wait to be living in, and because my parents were able and willing to do whatever they could to help me relocate. It means the world to me to be able to leave this neighbourhood behind and start fresh somewhere safe.


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