Posted by: Jennifer | July 18, 2011

how media can shape a nation

Rebekah Brooks was arrested over the weekend for the role that she played in the hacking scandal that is continuing to unfold in Britain. To anyone who says that Rupert Murdoch doesn’t “shape the news”, I suggest they read about how his papers are reporting on this latest development:

For all the baying by a voracious media, however, news of Ms. Brooks’s arrest appeared to be conspicuously underplayed in some of the newspapers in the Murdoch empire, including the popular tabloid The Sun, which Ms. Brooks also once edited. On Sunday the paper seemed far more preoccupied with the birth a week ago of the soccer star David Beckham’s daughter, Harper Seven, a picture of whom was splashed on its homepage. (Coincidentally, the British media reported over the weekend that Mr. Beckham was said to believe that he was the target of phone hackers and that he had instructed his lawyers to find out if he was on the list of the 4,000 possible victims.)

The Sun, famous for its scantily clad Page Three girls, did carry news of the arrest in a 243-word article by an unnamed staff member, who reported that Ms. Brooks had been arrested “by appointment” at a London police station. The conservative Daily Telegraph, for its part, emphasized that Ms. Brooks had been surprised by the arrest, even though the meeting had been arranged.

This man is responsible for the majority of the news that reaches Americans and Britons. Basically, you’ve spent years reading what he wants you to read, and having your opinions shaped by the people that he thinks are important. If anyone questions how someone like Sarah Palin can have so much influence over the “average American”, I suggest you look at the man who gave her a job. This entire incident is showing more than the lengths that these so-called journalists were going to in order to get a story. It’s also demonstrative of the how Rupert Murdoch has shaped entire governments just through his hiring practices.

I hope that people use this to start opening their eyes to what they are seeing and reading. No one should get all of their news from one source — that’s why there are multiple papers and TV channels! Take it all in, and THEN form an opinion!!


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