Posted by: Jennifer | July 15, 2011

political apathy

Political Aparthy is defined as the indifference on the part of citizen of any country as regards there attitude towards political activities. I would like to take a new spin on this: office political apathy. I have reached a point where I have become indifferent in my attitude towards office politics. It’s not like it’s something that I was ever good at navigating in the first place — I’m too blunt and open, and I say what’s on my mind — and trying to work my way through this particular minefield has done nothing but cause me headaches and sleepless nights. Fuck it. Let someone else deal with the politics. I don’t care to play the game anymore. And if I say something that offends someone, or if I rub someone’s nose the wrong way, I can’t say that I care anymore. I’m not a huge fan of my job, but I’m going to give it 110% of my time and energy. And if my co-workers don’t like the way that I do it, then that’s something that they are going to have to deal with.



  1. thats it girl. you were just being honest about it

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