Posted by: Jennifer | January 27, 2011

canadian geography 101

Apparently, at some point over the last day or so, Canada moved. Or maybe California did. I’m not sure how this worked. Maybe Peter MacKay could shed some light on this.

The defence minister came out with this in Winnipeg Tuesday evening: “California and British Columbia have a shared border, a strong relationship. And some would say that our countries are probably as close as any two nations on the planet.”

MacKay was speaking with California’s “Governator,” former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, at a Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce dinner at the Fairmont Hotel.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the man responsible for speaking for the armed forces that defend the country of Canada. Doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that he doesn’t know who lives next door? For the record, British Columbia shares a border with Washington State, which shares a border with Oregon, which shares a border with California.

I know we all makes mistakes and say stupid things some time. I’m not expecting Peter MacKay to be perfect, because no one is. But holy shit, dude. You can’t relocate the country to make a point! Next he’ll be claiming that he can see California from his house.


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