Posted by: Jennifer | January 19, 2011

always nice to have someone to blame…

I’m a low-income-earning woman living in a densely populated area near a Walmart. I’m totally suing Walmart for making me fat!!!!

Walmart supercentres offer expanding waistlines and strained buttons along with inexpensive housewares, clothing and electronics, new research suggests.

Two economists tracked extensive health and population data between 1996 and 2005, a period in which 1,569 supercentres — which sell groceries along with household products — opened across the U.S.

[…]The researchers found that one new Walmart supercentre per 100,000 residents meant an average weight gain of 1.5 pounds per person sometime over a 10-year period dating from the store’s opening. It also boosted the obesity rate by 2.3 percentage points, meaning that for every 100 people, two who weren’t obese ended up in that category after a superstore opened.

[…]Women, low-income families and people living in less densely populated areas are those most likely to put on weight after the arrival of a supercentre, according to Courtemanche and his co-author, Art Carden at Rhodes College.

Alright, maybe I’m not actually going to blame Walmart. My gym membership will cost less money than my lawyer. I’m going to hit the treadmill now.


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