Posted by: Jennifer | September 9, 2009

fingers crossed

My favourite number is nine. I was born in the ninth month, on the 27th day (2 + 7 = 9). I figure that has to count for something. Today is 9/9/09, so at 9:09am I’m going to hold my breath and wait for something great to happen. Odds are I’ll just pass out from oxygen deprevation, but you never know.

Updated @ 13:40 — Okay, so nothing good happened. In fact, since 09:09 it’s been nothing but bad! A proposal deadline was missed, my computer crashed, I got stopped by security at the drugstore and had my bag searched in fron of everyone because my library book set off the alarm, and I fell down the stairs outside the mall. Maybe 9 isn’t such a great number for me after all.


  1. Oh no, I hope you didn’t hurt yourself falling down the stairs. Hopefully the weekend will be a good one with great things happening. 🙂

    • I hurt my pride more than anything else! hahaha

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