Posted by: Jennifer | September 6, 2009

and you thought you had a bad day

Ever have one of those days that just seemed to get worse and worse as it went on? There was no hot water in the shower, and then you could find your other shoe, and then you lost your cellphone, and on and on and on. From now on, I want all of you to remember this story and remember that no matter how crappy your day was it could have been a lot worse. You could have had this guy’s day.

A 22-year-old Westphal man is facing drug charges after police were called to a residence over a possible break and enter after a neighbour saw a person climbing through the front window, then letting three other people in through the front door.

Police were called to the residence on Greely Court Wednesday at 8:20 p.m. and stated ‘police’ after entering the house. That’s when a “strong smell of marijuana was identified by the officers,” a RCMP release said.

[…]A search of the residence found 113 grams of marijuana and a small amount of money.

“I guess you know you’re having a bad day when you lose your keys, you’re caught breaking into your own house because somebody thinks it’s a break and enter, and the police show up and all they smell is marijuana,” said RCMP spokesman Cpl. Joe Taplin. “Yeah, I think he was quite surprised.”

Busted!! Bet this guy keeps constant eye-contact with his keys for the rest of his life.


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