Posted by: Jennifer | September 3, 2009

to eat junk or not to eat junk

I had a rude awakening at lunchtime today. I decided to buy my lunch – a rarity for me. I went to the food court at one of the local malls and made the decision to eat at the place that sells healthier food rather than junk. I got a small garden salad with fat-free dressing, a bottle of water, and a homemade date square for dessert. All this wonderfulness cost me $10 after tax.

Then I sat down and looked at the tray belonging to the woman next to me. She had a Mozza burger combo from A&W with fries and a coke. It was greasy and messy and it smelled….the smell was indescribable. And at that moment, it occured to me that not only would this woman obtain more satisfaction from the eating of her meal than I would, she was also doing so at a cheaper price. A Mozza burger combo is less than $9 after tax.

The moral of this story? Next time, I’m saying to hell with the rabbit food. Greasy junk all the way!


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