Posted by: Jennifer | August 29, 2009

still questioning

It’s been ten years since Jason MacCullough was murdered in North Dartmouth and the community still hasn’t been able to truly put Jason to rest.

Ten years ago, 19-year-old Jason Allan MacCullough was gunned down in a north-end Dartmouth park while walking home.

He was found at 2:30 a.m. on Aug. 28, 1999, lying on a pathway in a park off Pinecrest Drive that now bears his name. He had been shot in the back of the head at point-blank range in what police called a random act of violence.

“It caused a great deal of fear in the community because many people would’ve known Jason, and the people that didn’t could relate to that because they’d have . . . a son or daughter, a brother or sister, a niece or a nephew” around that age, said Supt. Mike Burns, the head of criminal investigations for Halifax Regional Police.

Known to friends as Piglet, he was a longtime member and volunteer with the local Boys and Girls Club and was well liked.

“From what everyone says, and this is unanimous, (he) was a good young man, a good student, a good member of his community,” Supt. Burns said.

What continues to stun and baffle everyone in the community is the absolutely randomness and senselessness of Jason’s death. This kid wasn’t a dealer or a gangbanger, and he wasn’t in the park to mug someone or be involved in a fight. He was a good kid who took a shortcut home and ended up walking into a bad situation. It may seem weird that I feel so strongly about the case, since I hadn’t even moved to Nova Scotia yet when Jason MacCullough died. But if I stand on my balcony and look up the street, I can see the park that was named after him. I go past it on the bus every morning on my way to work. And I’ve spent time in that park, playing with a friend’s little girl on the swings and laughing. It’s a very happy, green, calm part of the city that will always be associated with something horrible. The only way for everyone in the community to move past this is to find out who was responsible for Jason’s death and make him pay.


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