Posted by: Jennifer | August 20, 2009

the start of a new trend?

One of the world’s leading women’s magazines has found itself inundated with happy emails after they had the guts to publish a picture of a model who is less than perfect.

Glamour has apparently been inundated with emails and letters from readers who say they love the “woman on p. 194” of the magazine’s September issue, who is pictured in her underwear, proudly showing off her pooch.

[…]On its own, the picture may not seem that incredible, but after flipping through 193 pages of uniform sample-size models, the image is striking. Rather than thinning her via Photoshop or having her sit in an unnatural pose, the model is shown with a bit of belly hanging over her underwear and slightly-bulging thighs, looking happy and genuinely confident. As Leive says, we’ve gotten to the point where showing a woman with folds in her skin or a belly that sticks out (who isn’t in a “before and after” feature) is a radical move for a women’s magazine, even though that’s what every woman actually sees in the mirror every day.

Leive identifies the model as 20-year-old Lizzi Miller, who is “size 12-14 and avid softball player/belly dancer.”

Lizzie Miller in Glamour Magazine

I think this chick is absolutely beautiful. She’s smiling and she’s happy and healthy and gorgeous. I think that more magazines should have pictures of Lizzie Miller, and there should be fewer pictures of the anorexic foetuses or, even worse, the “photoshopped all to hell because we can’t have a non-skinny person on the cover” shots that have haunted us non-skinny people for years.

You can check out Cindie Levie’s blog post about the response to the picture over on Glamour’s website.



  1. Interesting


  2. I’m very happy to finally see a normal beautiful happy women! Great!

    Give the right back to the human being to look like one!


  3. She’s stunningly pretty! That smile just makes the world a better place, just like any other smiling person does!I love it!

  4. I’d loved it! She is wonderfull and more and more woman should follow her example and just be happy with its own bodies!

  5. She does look happy and nice, but what’s the point on puting regular women on magazine covers? I mean, if everyone could be a model what would be the point of it all?
    People should distinguish between fashion standards and ideal standards…
    If people actually wanted to see regular plump women why would they want to buy a magazine!?

  6. We need to do away with this “Plus-Size” term! She is so normal and beautiful 🙂

  7. this makes me happy. as someone dealing with weight issues and a range of eating disorders. this is my new desktop picture. Good for Lizzi!!!

  8. sorry its ugly…i mean the belly…pretty face but for me its disgusting ..i do not want to see that..

  9. I also think it is ugly. I think it is silly for people to get excited about someone less than attractive. She needs to exercise, we should not be advertising nor promoting overweight / obese people.

    • They are not promoting overweight or obese people. The person in the photo is not obese, she is just an average woman! I guess you’ve never seen a truly unhealthy obese person before. Do you live in a cave or something? If so, then I understand.

      Belly fat does NOT equal being overweight. Fat is a natural part of the body. Some people have some belly fat, some don’t. What’s the big deal? No two human beings have the same body.

  10. Overweight/obese!?!
    Dude, if THAT’s what you call overweight obese, then what the hell do you define skinny as!?!

    This woman is not by any means thin, but she’s not Overweight and sure as hell she’s not obese! It’s perfectly normal (and healthy) to have a little belly.

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