Posted by: Jennifer | August 18, 2009

Stephen Harper: always good for a laugh

Another week, another unnecessary and embarrassing gaffe from the man that Canadians chose to lead the country.

A news release sent out Monday outlined Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s itinerary as he began a five-day tour of the North. The release repeatedly spelled the capital of Nunavut as Iqualuit – rather than Iqaluit.

The extra “u” makes a world of difference in the Inuktitut language.

Iqaluit, properly spelled, means “many fish.”

Spelled with an extra “u,” the Nunavut language commissioner’s office says the word translates as a derogatory reference to “people with unwiped bums.”

Thankfully this is being laughed off by the people of Nunavut. Hats off to them for having a sense of humour. But could someone in the Prime Minister’s office please learn how to spell the capital cities of Canada?! They’re all equally important to know, regardless of the city’s longitude and latitude. I bet that whomever sent out that press release knows how to spell Toronto or Ontario without any problems.


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