Posted by: Jennifer | August 3, 2009

so sue me

I wish I could be Sarah Palin. I can’t count how many times people have gossiped about me, especially in the last month or so. It’s absolutely hurtful and can be degrading and no one likes to be talked about. But I can’t imagine suing everyone who says something about me that I don’t like.

Thomas Van Flein, Sarah Palin’s lawyer, threatened Saturday to serve libel papers at a kindergarten to the owner of the highly trafficked “ImmoralMinority” blog for a divorce story on the Palins. The blog was given until 3pm Saturday to remove the story and post a retraction. The blogger stands by the story.

This is now the fourth threat on behalf of Sarah Palin, including one to, that Van Flein has made to bloggers in Alaska in the past few weeks. None of which he has carried out.

Imagine being a lawyer. You went to university for four years, law school for three. The bar exam was next and I’ve heard that it’s one of the most difficult exams on the plant. Probably spent a few years clerking for a law office, and the prestigiousness of the law office varies depending on your grades. Then you worked your way up the corporate ladder until you were awarded with a junior or senior partnership. And to reward you for all of that hard work, you are going to be allowed to spend your days hunting down and punishing evil bloggers for calling your clients bad names. I bet your parents are thrilled.

Seriously, has no one told Sarah Palin that by responding to a story she keeps it alive. If she had let things slide and hadn’t given the blogger the time of day, no one would have ever heard this story, I guarantee it. Because she opened her mother and got all righteously pissed off, the entire world is going to be directed to this guy’s blog site. Everyone will see the story and dude’s readership is about to sky rocket. Maybe, just maybe, someone should learn how to turn the other cheek.



  1. I love, love, LOVE the new layout. I confess, I’ve been reading in my RSS reader, so I may be a little late with the comment love. But it’s so pretty! 🙂

    • Awww thanks! 🙂 haha It hasn’t been around that long — you weren’t missing anything.

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