Posted by: Jennifer | July 28, 2009

shake your asana

Back in the sixties, nothing screamed “independent thinking and hedonistic partying” quite the same way as Woodstock. The outdoor festival was all about peace, love, pot and sticking it to the authority figures of the world. In 2009, we have Wanderlust.

Wanderlust is a new indie musical festival in Lake Tahoe that combines spirituality and music in an interesting way. Yoga and massage and meditation in the morning, partying and booze and independent music all night long. For $170 per person, festival goers could experience the whole shebang and find their balance.

I enjoy yoga — I try to get in at least half an hour every day — and I’m a huge fan of music in all forms, but I’m not sure if I would pay $170 to spend three days outside doing what I can do at home for free. With that said, it’s all about the experience, right? And I’m sure that this is one of those things that would be a lot more fun to be a part of than to read about. At least, that’s what the 4000 people who went to this year’s festival would probably say.

Maybe next year. If for no other reason than to say that I spent a weekend at Lake Tahoe.



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