Posted by: Jennifer | July 23, 2009

taking it to the bank

New Zeland artist Roger Griffiths just became my hero. His bank tried to screw him, and instead of sitting back and taking it (like the rest of us have no choice but to do) he screwed his bank right back.

Defiant Mapua artist Roger Griffiths today made a stand against Westpac by withdrawing his $190,000 savings in $20 notes.

[…]Mr Griffiths, a loyal Westpac customer for 25 years, decided to withdraw his money after the bank rejected his application for an $80,000 mortgage. “It’s about time normal people took a stand.”

He said the bank turned down his application because he did not have a regular income as an artist. However, he was a successful artist, exhibiting his paintings at the World of Wearable Art complex, in Christchurch and New York, he said.

He wanted to buy a $385,000 property in Mapua, had $200,000 in cash and was going to sell his $110,000 campervan.

[…]”They can lose $110 million with LWR but turn down a normal customer who has never missed a loan payment,” he said. “If they don’t have the trust in me after 25 years, there’s a problem for Westpac.”

The bank put out a statement saying that they could not lend money to someone who did not have a regular job. Yet another example of a responsible and financially independent citizen being screwed over, when big corporations and spendaholic CEOs are losing money left and right and it’s all being written off and swept under the carpet. The global economy will never recover from the recession if people aren’t allowed to spend money again.


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