Posted by: Jennifer | July 16, 2009

to the moon, alice!

It’s amazing how many steps have been made towards the equalization of the sexes in the last forty years. If you need proof, just watch this video.

“Would you like to go to the moon?” CBC reporter Walt Lacosta asks a young girl in this charming 1969 interview.

“Yes,” she responds without hesitation.

When questioned if she thinks she’ll ever make it there, the young girl smiles and responds with a simple “no.”

“Why not?” Lacosta asks.

“Because I’m not a boy,” she says shyly but definitively.

Forty years ago, it would never occur to a little girl to do something great like go to the moon, because only boys were allowed to do things like that. She probably figured that her life would be spent in a kitchen, taking care of the children and making sure that her husband’s dinner was prepared on time. I bet she never believed that she could have a job outside of the home, one that involved a paycheque and an office and the kind of responsibility that men had*. It was different for my generation — we grew up knowing no boundaries. It never occurred to me that there was anything that I couldn’t do just because I was a girl. But of course, I grew up in a world that had Roberta Bondar and Julie Payette, both of whom have shown that women really can do the same jobs as men, even when that job is in outer space.

The CBC is trying to track down this girl to find out what happened to her. I really hope that they are able to contact her, because I would be interested to find out what she did with her life. I have a funny feeling that she found her way out of that kitchen.

*And I’m not saying that being a homemaker isn’t hard work or a great responsibility, so don’t blast me for it! I’m just saying that it’s a different type of job and that while some people find it fulfilling and choose to live that life, it’s a choice. Our grandmothers didn’t have the choice.


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