Posted by: Jennifer | July 15, 2009

the invasion has begun

Remember in the movie Canadian Bacon when the Americans were all freaked out because they thought that Canada was preparing to invade? Dude, it’s totally started!

Over the weekend, 12 Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants in Manhattan and Brooklyn underwent a transformation, emerging Monday morning as the first New York City locations of Tim Hortons, a Canadian chain that sells coffee and baked goods.

[…]Tim Hortons has more than 3,400 locations, including more than 500 in the United States, but until Monday morning the closest stores to New York City were in Meriden, Conn., and Cortland, N.Y.

Most customers on Monday seemed to prefer coffee over doughnuts, and a few ordered bagels, sandwiches or other baked goods. As they filed out of the 34th Street store, reactions were mixed.

“Well, mine’s good!” Ms. Elkaim said after taking a sip of coffee. “I love it.”

“Dunkin’ Donuts used to have larger cups,” Ms. Gerard complained to the clerk as she left, a small iced coffee in hand.

We started out small, moving hockey franchises south of the border and demonstrating the benefits of allowing gays and other minorities to have rights that are equal to that of white, heterosexual men. Then we got to work on the whole global warming thing, changing weather patterns so that the US experienced winter just like we do, nine months of the year with never an end in sight. Now, we slowly introducing the staples of the Canadian diet — the double-double and Timbits. I give it another year, maybe two, and we’ll have every American bowing to the Maple Leaf and pledging allegiance to Don Cherry.


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