Posted by: Jennifer | July 8, 2009

communing with the pm

It’s always reassuring to hear that there are no major problems that need to be dealt with in the Catholic church. I mean, priests abusing children, attendance numbers at mass, the needs of the population who are currently facing enormous economic and moral crises right now — all of these issues must be in good shape if we’re able to spend such an insane amount of time worrying about whether or not the Prime Minister ate a holy cookie.

Stephen Harper committed no etiquette blunder at the funeral mass of former governor-general Roméo Leblanc, his spokesman said, denying speculation that the Prime Minister pocketed a communion wafer offered to him by a priest.

The Prime Minister’s Office was reacting after a high-ranking New Brunswick Catholic church official asked that Mr. Harper clarify what happened. Catholics consider that the host is the body of the Christ once it is consecrated by the priest and is supposed to be consumed after it is received.

Footage of the service, shown on Cable Public Affairs Channel, shows Mr. Harper receiving the wafer but the camera cuts away before the Prime Minister can be seen putting it in his mouth.

[…]The issue was initially raised by Monsignor Brian Henneberry, vicar general and chancellor in the Diocese of Saint John.

“It’s worse than a faux pas, it’s a scandal from the Catholic point of view,” he told the Saint John Telegraph-Journal.

So because we didn’t actually witness PM Harper eating the wafer, that means he didn’t eat it? If you don’t see it happening, that means it didn’t happen? I wasn’t aware of this loophole in the time-space continuum! Think of the things that I can get away with now!! Screw skipping out on eating the communal wafer — I’m going to go out and commit a murder. I mean, as long as no one sees it happening, all should be fine.


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