Posted by: Jennifer | September 9, 2008

are we there yet?

It’s only been three days since the federal election was announced and already I’m tired of listening to the party leaders’ soon-to-be-broken promises. Do people really buy this shit anymore? Stephen Harper could vow to put a BMW in every Canadian’s garage and I still wouldn’t listen to it. Stephane Dion promises to wipe the slate clean on everyone’s student loans — yawn. Jack Layton pledges to provide all households in Canada with maids who can do all of our recycling and cleaning for us and I would laugh my ass off. I just don’t believe them anymore. They’re all full of crap. Stop talking and stop promising and stop ignoring and stop disappointing and actually DO something — then I’ll vote for you!



  1. There is no icon out there that can properly express my lack of enthusiasm for what I’ve seen so far. All those ads, photo ops and whatnot? Don’t mean anything to me. In fact,
    I’ve taken to muting the ads and providing my own voiceovers.

    Yes, they’re snarky to the nth degree.

    Dear politicians: I’d like some action please, with a side of hope.

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