Posted by: Jennifer | July 29, 2007

the blogathon meme

I found this on Jen’s blog a few hours ago and I thought I would steal it to use for my third-to-last post of the day. Night. Morning. Whatever the hell it is right now.

1. What charity are you blogging for, and why? I’m blogging for the Nova Scotia SPCA, because I have seen way too many stories in the news lately about animals being hurt and abused and abandoned and I wish I could do more to help them.

2. What’s been the hardest part of the Blogathon for you, so far? The quiet. I’ve kept the TV on so I have some background noise, otherwise I probably would have fallen asleep hours ago.

3. Did you have a sponsorship goal? Have you met it? I had a goal of $50 and I surpassed it with flying colors thanks to my wonderful sponsors 🙂

4. What’s been fun for you, so far? Reading what everyone else is writing, when I actually get a chance to surf a little.

5. Have you met anyone new and cool? Yes I have, and I’m really happy about that.

6. Assuming it were possible, would you choose, right now, to time-travel back to the beginning of the Blogathon, with an unflagging supply of energy, or to the end, exhausted but finished? Exhausted but finished, because then there will be a bed in my near-future.

7. What have you been eating today? Absolutely nothing that could be considered to be good for me. Lots of caffeine and lots of easy-to-fix junk

8. So… whatcha wearing? A spaghetti-string tank top and sweatpants

9. Quick! Three truths and a lie: I’m tired, my head hurts, the cats are snoring, I wish I hadn’t done this.

10. What do you most want, right this second? Sleep. Precious, beautiful sleep.


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