Posted by: Jennifer | July 29, 2007

meow baby

Some of the world’s most popular felines:

* Andy, cat owned by Florida State Senator Ken Meyer that has the cat record for non-fatal fall. Andy fell 200 feet (60 m) and survived.
* Fred the Undercover Kitty, a cat famous for assisting the NYPD and Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office in 2006.
* Arthur the cat, British advertising icon who appeared in 309 advertisements, scooping cat food out of a can with his paw.
* Blackie, a cat that inherited 15 million British Pounds and thus became the richest cat in history.
* Dagwood, Ping pong playing cat in newsreal clip of 4.24 episode of MASH.
* Boche, cat found by the family of Anne Frank in the attic in which they lived.
* Scarlett the cat who in 1996 saved her kittens one by one from a fire in Brooklyn NY, suffering horrible burns in the process. Named Scarlett by the fireman who rescued her. She became a famous example of the power of a Mother’s love.
* Bouhaki, a cat long alleged to be the first cat known to have a name.
* CopyCat (CC), the first cloned cat
* Rutterkin, black cat alleged to help its owner Joan Flower magically kills the sons and render the wife of the Earl of Rutland infertile in the 1600s.
* Faith, London cat that took up residence in St Faith & St Augustine’s church (by St Paul’s cathedral) in wartime, and received a PDSA Silver Medal for her bravery in caring for her kitten when the church was bombed
* SH III, Chinhilla Persian cat who appeared in Fancy Feast advertisements and the movies The Jerk and Scrooged
* F. D. C. Willard (Felis Domesticus Chester Willard). Named for his sire (Willard of Aspen, Colorado), Chester acquired a résumé of two research papers in low temperature physics after entering this unlikely field in collaboration with his keeper, J. H. Hetherington of the Michigan State University. Belatedly learning of a style rule for Phys. Rev. Lett. prohibiting the use of the authorial pronoun we in single-author papers, Hetherington solved the problem this presented to him by appending the name of his cat on the title page of a draft paper rather than by rewriting the body of the text. The dearth of word processing facilities in the mid-1970s made this a cost effective response.
* Marie Antoinette had 6 Angoras that survived her and were shipped to America on the boat that was supposed to carry her to safety.
* Hamlet, considered by Guinness to be “the world’s most travelled cat.” He flew approximately 600,000 kilometers because he managed to get stuck in a Canadian airplane for seven weeks.
* Sir Isaac Newton’s cat, whose incessant desire to be let in or out allegedly drove him to devise the cat flap.
* Room 8, an ageless tomcat who would disappear during the summer and return at the start of the school year in September, to an elementary school near Elysian Park in Los Angeles, for years, to the room of the school he was named for.
* Himmy, a neutered tabby who weighed 46 pounds, recorded in The Guinness Book of World Records.
* Kaspar, wooden cat used at the Savoy Hotel in London to round out unlucky parties of thirteen.
* Patsy, cat photographed with Charles Lindbergh in the cockpit of the Spirit of St. Louis just prior to Lindbergh’s transatlantic flight.
* Moortje, cat of Anne Frank’s family who was left with neighbors when they fled the attic.
* Morris the Cat, one of Burt Reynolds’ most beloved movie Co-stars, this finicky Commercial Mascot charmed his way into America’s hearts with his calm demeanor and orange-striped style.
* Morris II, successor of Morris, ran for president in 1988
* Orangey cat featured in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and other movies
* The Unsinkable Sam, the most famous mascot of the British Royal Navy, was in turn the ship’s cat of the Bismarck, HMS Cossack, and HMS Ark Royal and survived the torpedoeing of all three ships before being retired to a home on dry land.
* Oscar the hospice cat, written up in the New England Journal of Medicine for his uncanny ability to predict which patients will die by curling up to sleep with them hours before their death. To date he has been right 25 times.


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