Posted by: Jennifer | July 29, 2007


I first meet Babe when he was a few weeks old and could fit into the palm of my hand. He was just so…tiny. And sweet. And soft. And cuddly.

Jesus, what the hell happened?!

bee's first day

My friend Anitra adopted Bee when he was a little kitten. She quickly realized that there were going to be some problems, though. Bee was a typical male — very aggressive and territorial. Anitra has another cat and Bee was picking fights in an effort to show who was in charge, despite the fact that Boo, his worthy opponent, had no desire to be involved in this particular battle. Anitra was afraid that Bee’s attitude was going to go beyond cat-fighting and that Bee was going to start hurting her little girl, Kiara, as well as the baby that Anitra was pregnant with at that time. And of course, because I have the word “sucker” written across my forehead in massive letters, I volunteered to help correct the situation by bringing Bee into the family.


Bee and Nook do not get along by any stretch of the imagination. There is definitely too much testosterone in my apartment, with the two of them constantly going after the role of head of the household. Shadow doesn’t care one way or the other, just as long as someone loves her and washes her and plays with her every now and then. Of the three cats, Bee is the most people-friendly. He has yet to meet a person that he hasn’t wanted to rub against or cuddle or love to death.

I made a great choice in getting Bee, but I think that he is going to have to be it. No more cats. None. There just isn’t enough room. Or money. Or sanity.

Maybe a puppy, though…

Wait, no!!! Pretend I never said that.


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