Posted by: Jennifer | July 28, 2007

Shelters slash prices in kitty clearance

Humane societies in Ontario and Quebec are doing whatever they can to clear out their pet population after an explosion of abandoned kitties. A fire sale on cats? What’s next?

A summer flood of lost and abandoned cats has prompted animal shelters in Toronto, Ottawa and Gatineau, Que., to offer them at a discount — or free — in an effort to find them homes.

The Ottawa Humane Society normally charges a $135 cat adoption fee. It announced Thursday that it will offer two adult cats for the price of one in an effort to attract new owners for some of the 300 cats and kittens packed into its Champagne Ave. building and several hundred more in temporary foster homes.

cat for adoption

The Outaouais SPCA in Gatineau is offering a similar deal to people who might want to adopt some of its 500 cats, some of which have had to be kept in a boardroom because other areas of the shelter were full.

And the Toronto Humane Society is currently giving away its 700 cats for free.

Bruce Roney, the executive director of the Ottawa Humane Society, said shelters are often bursting with animals in the summer.

“A lot of it is [that] people are out and about and they’re seeing stray animals and they’re bringing them to us,” he said. “Obviously, it’s also kitten season. This is the time when there are new kittens coming into the world, and a lot of them are ending up here.”

Nevertheless, the shelter is not considering a deal like Toronto’s, Roney said, citing an SPCA study in the United States that found people who pay less than $100 for an animal are more likely to give it away.

“We want permanent homes,” he said.

He pointed out that his shelter’s $135 cat adoption fee includes extras such as spaying or neutering, vaccination and an identification microchip.

“So, essentially, the animal is free.”


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