Posted by: Jennifer | July 28, 2007


My mother’s favourite child is a ten-pound Chihuahua that takes more priority in her life than her children. She denies this, but I know the truth. Number of pages in her scrapbook about me: maybe five. Number of pages in her scrapbook about Angel: so many that she had to buy a separate book for all of them. I rest my case.

Here’s Angel’s adoption story, in my mother’s words:

“We got Angel on 2 Nov 01. He was born on 1 Jul 01. I am ashamed to admit that yes, we got him at a dreadful pet store but I look at it as we rescued him.


My youngest daughter, Julia, was working in Kentville at the radio station and she went to the mall in New Minas almost every day and every day visited the pet store. There she saw Angel, whose name then was “Hannibal Lickter” and she fell in love. She kept talking on and on about this dog until she drove us insane.

During this same time my husband’s father passed away and we came in to some money that we’s planned to divide between the four of us. The day before was my last day of work at the hospital (Soldiers’ Memorial) as I was laid off. So we went out for dinner to New Minas and went to the mall and of course had to see this puppy who at the time was four months old. We went in and asked the girl if we could hold him; he was there with a brother, who was black. Julia was holding him and had a pleading look in her eyes and my husband and I looked at each other and said “we’ll take him”.

That his how we obtained our Angel. Now how did he get his name? Well we all liked the TV show, Angel, and he looked like an Angel, all white with big ears/wings and that’s what we called him. Everyone thinks he is a girl because of the name but he’s a boy for sure.”


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