Posted by: Jennifer | July 5, 2007

the liberator

I’ve always wanted to do something like this….I’d probably pay before I attempted it, though. Defeats the purpose of the exercise if you’re arrested before you can carry out the objective.

A Charlottetown man with a habit of releasing lobsters into the harbour has been told he has to pay for the captives before springing them.

Christian David Sweeney, 47, appeared in provincial court Wednesday for sentencing on several charges including impaired driving, refusing to stop for police, damage to property and theft under $5,000.

The theft charges relate to Mr. Sweeney’s tendency to liberate shellfish.

He is known to buy and release creatures including lobster and mussels that might otherwise end up on a dinner plate.

But in this case, Mr. Sweeney took lobster from a Sobey’s grocery store on May 12 but failed to pay for them.

He was given a suspended sentence for the theft.

According to Mr. Sweeney’s lawyer, he’s…a little off. I glad they didn’t penalize him too much for the lobster theft. His heart was in the right place, and that should count for something.


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