Posted by: Jennifer | June 8, 2007

my hero

I’ve always thought that the concept that politicians should consistently vote for what their party wants — regardless of their personal views — was a pretty stupid idea. A person may be a member of a particular political party but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is going to agree with everything that is said by everyone else in that party. People’s minds are simply not designed that way. They have different experiences and values and that is reflected in the ideas and opinions that they have. And yet, Canada continues to hang on to this archaic idea that all members of a political party should vote along that party’s lines/beliefs. Members of Parliment — both federal and provincial — are told that even if you don’t agree with what is happening, you need to shut up and cast your vote the way you are told to, because otherwise you’re gone. It’s the way things have been since….since Canada first started using the Parlimentary system to govern. A long time ago.

That is what makes Bill Casey’s actions on Tuesday so heroic. He broke with his party and he cast his vote with his constituents in mind and not the safety of his job. He may have been thrown out of caucus because of his actions, but I don’t think that will make any difference for the people who voted for him. The deal that was made in the budget regarding the Atlantic Accord sucked royally, and Bill Casey was the only Conservative Nova Scotia politician who had the guts to stand up and say so. I would vote for him. Hell, I may move to his riding just so that I can vote for him.

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