Posted by: Jennifer | June 7, 2007

you stay off my swing set and I’ll stay away from yours

It’s amazing how narrow-minded people can be sometimes.

The City of Moncton is hoping zoning rules can prevent a new swingers club from opening on Mountain Road, but the mayor says he’ll do whatever it takes to get the establishment shut down.

Club owner Lenna Doiron said her business on Mountain Road will give couples who want to swap partners a place to meet one another, and the Supreme Court of Canada backs up her right to do so.

[…]Mayor Lorne Mitton acknowledged that the Supreme Court ruled in 2005 that it is legal for people to meet behind closed doors in clubs and have sex. However, Mitton said Doiron will have to contend with city officials in Moncton.

“We have building inspectors and we have bylaw enforcement officers who will be permitted to go into the facility to see what is going on,” Mitton said Wednesday. “The province has already said the Health Department will be in there. The RCMP will be advised by myself to monitor the situation.”

Moncton North MLA and Health Minister Mike Murphy has also expressed concern about the new business, and has said he plans to look into legal options.

Mitton said the city has shut down brothels and massage parlours recently, and he doesn’t want any other types of adult entertainment to move in.

[…]The swingers club opened for the first time Thursday afternoon.

Doiron said about 30 people have already expressed interest in becoming members.

If they want to set up actual swings and run around naked in there while spanking each other and making animal noises, I don’t see where it is anyone else’s business, especially the government’s. So long as they’re not bothering anyone else, and everything that they are doing is in the privacy of that building, and it’s completely and utterly legal, then why does anyone care so much? The last time I checked it was not illegal to have sex, and it’s not illegal to have sex with someone other than the person that you’re married to. Stay the fuck out of my sex life and we’ll stay the fuck out of yours, Mayor Mitton


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