Posted by: Jennifer | May 11, 2007

five on friday

Maternal Instincts

1. If you’re out shopping and hear a baby cry, what’s your first thought? Why, dear Goddess, why?! I’ll be out of the store in five more minutes! Can’t you hold the tears in until then?!?!

2. Are the passengers in your car required to buckle their seat belts regardless of age? Well I don’t have a car of my own, but when I am driving everyone buckles up.

3. Do you ever feel the need to clean/straighten your loved ones? With your own spit? I feel the need to clean and straighten people, but I leave my bodily fluids out of the equation.

4. Some people are described as having “a face only a mother could love.” What people or things in your life do you love unconditionally? My family, my friends and my cats. No question.

5. In what ways are you like your mother? What habits, catch phrases, and tricks have you picked up from her? I like to think that I have her sense of humour. I definitely got my sarcasm from her. I also got my obsessive-compulsive tendencies from her, but I’m not sure if that’s something to be happy/proud of.


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