Posted by: Jennifer | May 10, 2007

tonight’s special: steamed Haligonian

The thing that I hate most about my apartment is something that I only have to deal with during part of the year — this apartment has absolutely no airflow AND it gets direct sunlight all day long. Meaning that during the day the sun is constantly beating through the windows and heating up the air in this place and there is no where for it to go. It is nineteen degrees Celsius outside right now…and twenty-seven degrees in my apartment. It’s like living in a sauna, or in one of those pots that you use to steam veggies. I’m definitely well-done.

To add insult to injury, I have to keep my bedroom window closed. That’s right — closed. That’s because some jackass decided to make himself a few bucks by going around to different apartments buildings in the area and stripping the copper wiring and pipe from the oil tanks outside. This includes my apartment building. This was apparently noticed in time, before any major damage was done to the building or to the ground (the theft apparently took place in the hours just before dawn, and it was discovered right after I left for work this morning) but the entire neighbourhood reeks of heating oil, because there are about five buildings in the area that were hit and they all leaked oil. And of course the tank for my building is right outside my bedroom window. I near passed out from the fumes when I came home today! So I now have the window closed and a fan working at full speed, in the hopes that the majority of the smell will be gone by the time I get ready to go to bed tonight. Seriously, if they ever catch this guy I’m going to stand in line to take a swing at him.

Please don’t get me wrong — I’m thrilled about the warm weather. I’m a big fan of sunny skies and high temperatures. I just think that I will be able to appreciate these things more when I live in a better neighbourhood and in a better apartment.


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