Posted by: Jennifer | April 18, 2007

keeping the momentum going

For years, Trevor Linden has been the player that the Vancouver Canucks could rely on to help out when they really needed it. He proved that again last night by scoring his first goal of this year’s playoffs last night, to lift the Canucks over the Dallas Stars 2-1. The Canucks now lead the series three games to one, and could finish the Stars off on Thursday.

This series has been close all the way, with lots of overtime and very narrow goal margins. I think that if the Canucks can make it through this, they will be ready — mentally and physically — to take on the rest of the field.

On a side note, what happened to the days when the goalie was afforded some sort of protection? It seems to be the current “thing to do” to ram the goalie, either with a stick or an elbow or an entire body. Goalies are the most important players on that ice and they are the only players that are pretty much unable to take care of themselves. By that, I mean that it just wouldn’t look right to have Roberto Luongo running around throwing body checks at the opposing players. He’s pretty much stuck in that net for the entire night. That means that someone else has to do the job for him, and for the rest of his colleagues. Stand up for the goalies, guys. Don’t let them get pushed around.


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