Posted by: Jennifer | March 27, 2007

post-shower hypothermia

My brand new hot water tank is broken. I have absolutely no hot water at all. I let the tap in the shower run for about five minutes before I finally conceeded that it was going to be a chilly morning.

I couldn’t stand the thought of standing in freezing cold water, so I made the bright decision to just wash my hair over the edge of the tub. Except that after I got the shampoo in my hair, I realized that all this method did was focus all the water on my head. And now my head hurt from the cold. Yeah, smart person right here. And of course, once I realized that my head hurt, it just hurt even more the longer I kept rinsing.

So now, despite ten minutes of standing underneath my hair dryer, my head isn’t quite so frostbitten but it still aches a little. I never had a problem with my hot water when I had my old, rusty and leaky tank. Ever since I got this energy-efficient, smaller tank, having hot water has been a hit-or-miss experience. I can handle a little bit of rust in my water if it means that I can stand in the shower and get my morning off to a better start.


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