Posted by: Jennifer | March 7, 2007

not understanding, and yet not surprised

I hate it when politicians feel the need to speak on behalf of everyone that they are screwing over.

Premier Rodney MacDonald says Nova Scotians will understand if his cash-strapped government has to delay delivering on promises it made during last summer’s election campaign.

Mr. MacDonald, in an interview with The Canadian Press, said some commitments may be deferred “by a couple of months” because the province expects to get less money from Ottawa this year.

[…] Mr. MacDonald declined to say what promises would be put off, but he says he’s confident the delays will not challenge his credibility, as the opposition has suggested.

Mr. MacDonald’s key campaign promises include creating 1,300 long-term-care beds, lowering post-secondary tuition, paving 2,000 kilometres of roads and setting up a drug plan for low-income families.

Well, the opposition is right about one thing: this certainly won’t “challenge” this credibility…because he didn’t really have any to begin with. Did we really expect the Conservative government to keep their election promises? Who was living in that particular dreamland? Since this government first came into power many moons ago, they have done their best to ignore their citizens unless they have no choice but to acknowledge them, like when someone is in a traffic accident or something. This is small potatoes to them.

Also, I’m a little disgusted by the excuse that MacDonald gave. I’m sorry, but we are relying too much on Ottawa to pay our bills and we’re not doing enough to make our own way as province. I get that this is a “have-not” province, but maybe the other provinces, the ones who are “haves”, would be more willing to help us out if we weren’t constantly running around begging for every last cent. When was the last time that this province tried to make it on its own without Ottawa chipping in for everything? Has it ever been attempted? Because, I don’t know if MacDonald has noticed, but the federal government has a lot of other provinces to help out, too. Not just us. That’s a lot of money that has to go around.

Ten bucks says that tuition doesn’t change, and the roads don’t get fixed. Those will be the ones to be ignored dismissed moved until next year’s budget..



  1. I am a student and already received a tuition reimbursement. As far as the roads go, the amount of paving that has taken place in the past year in the province is greater than its been in decades. There has even been a couple of paving announcements in the past week.

    Seems credible to me.

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