Posted by: Jennifer | February 13, 2007

warming the cockles of my heart

Banks in Canada are going to take a break from kicking puppies and defrauding orphans long enough to make life a little easier for the widows of Canada’s fallen soldiers.

The Canadian Bankers Association says financial institutions it represents have all agreed to waive an exclusion clause that’s caused mortgage problems for widows of soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

Spokeswoman Maura Drew-Lytle says a number of banks will not apply an act-of-war clause that prevents clients from having their mortgage insurance covered.

The decision comes after several widows have had trouble getting their mortgages paid because their husbands were killed in combat.

They say that when they bought the mortgage insurance they were not told by the banks that it might not apply if their spouses died while at war.

I hesitate to say that all the rules should be thrown out the window when it comes to war widows, and they should certainly not get “special” treatment. But at the same time, let’s not make life more difficult for them than it has to be. They’ve already lost their husbands. They should risk losing their homes as well, all because of an obscure clause that no one thinks will apply to them. Kudos to the banks for stepping up and being the nice guys. I’m sure it’s an unfamiliar feeling. Don’t worry — you’ll get used to it.


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