Posted by: Jennifer | February 1, 2007

when does it become too much?

Apparently, we have yet to hear the last from the former members of the Halifax Regional School Board.

A group of former Halifax Regional School Board members plans to sue the province for firing them and putting a single trustee in their place.

[…]Former board member Deborah Brunt wouldn’t say how many of her colleagues are part of the class-action lawsuit, only that a majority of them have hired a lawyer, hoping to get their jobs back.

“What about democracy and what about the rights of an elected official?”* Brunt said to reporters. “If they can do this to a school board can they do this to council? Where does it stop?”

[…]”It’s our belief that the action of the minister, that she overstepped her bounds according to the act and legislation, and that we will be looking to be reinstated as sitting members of the board,” she said.

How dare they stand there and talk about the rights of an elected official. What about the rights of the people that those elected officials are there to represent? Do the people not deserve a school board that actually works? Do the people not deserve a school board that can move past the bickering and the accusations and the stupidity and the childishness? The Minister of Education was apparently the only elected official in this story who cared about the rights of the voting public, because she’s the one who made the decision to can the board, and it was a decision that has been applauded by everyone in the province except the former board members. And even then, we didn’t hear much out of them until earlier this week when they found out that they weren’t going to get paid for doing the job that they had to be removed from.

When I was a kid, if I didn’t do the chores that my mother asked me to do, then she took my allowance away. Is it too much to ask that our “elected officials” be held to the same standard?

* The emphasis was all mine, btw.


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