Posted by: Jennifer | January 19, 2007

five on friday

The Name Game

1. What are your siblings’ names? Are your names related by a theme? My sister’s name is Julia. There’s no real theme. My name was chosen because it was the most popular name in the year that I was born, and my sister was named after a relative who passed away shortly before she was born. The fact that both our names start with the letter “J” is just a coincidence.

2. What are your pets’ names? Sir Chinook (Nook), Shadowcat (Shadow), and Babe (Bee)

3. Do you give pet/nick names to your car (or other large posession)? I know someone who once referred to my tits as Lucy and Ethel — does that count? They’re pretty large.

4. What meaning does your surname have? It’s from a word that means a priest or a church assistant.

5. If you could name your own country or island, what would you call it? I’ve always wanted to live in a state of great inner peace and contentment. My private tropical island will be named Nirvana.


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