Posted by: Jennifer | January 5, 2007

a golden night

Dear Canada’s Junior Men’s Hockey Team,

You guys have done something that some of the best hockey players in the world couldn’t manage to do last February — you’ve reminded the world that Canada is number one when it comes to hockey.

I didn’t get to watch today’s game because it was not aired on regular TV. I did try to stay up-to-date via the internet, though, and I have to say that from what I was reading, you were all playing an impressive game of hockey. For two minutes and thirty seconds at the end of the first period, you owned the ice with three consecutive goals. Sure, the Russians were able to get a couple of shots in the net, but you held them off and showed them who was in charge.

You truly outplayed your worthy opponents and you deserve your 4-2 win. I think that I speak for the entire country when I say that we are all very proud, and I’m sure that this is a sign of truly great things to come from all of you.


An Ecstatic Fan


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