Posted by: Jennifer | January 4, 2007

fancy feasting

fancy feasting

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My babies do not get “wet” cat food on a regular basis. I know that they should have it all the time to keep from having urinary problems, but they all drink a lot of water and they don’t seem to need it. I do like to give it to them every now and then, though, just to give them something different to eat.

Watching them eat it is hysterical. As soon as the first can opens, I have all three cats at my feet, crying like they are being beaten and clawing up my legs like I’m a scratching post. Each cat gets one can and it will take them most of the day to eat it. The food gets put into three bowls and I put all three down on the floor at the same time. And then it gets interesting.

They all line up at their food area and I put a bowl in front of them. And they will all dig in and munch away for a few minutes. And then, for reasons that totally baffle me, they will switch places. Shadow will go over and start eating out of Nook’s bowl and Nook will push Bee out of the way and Bee will go over to Shadow’s bowl. And they will all resume eating. And then they will do it all again a few minutes later. This will happen for about twenty minutes, then they all walk away at the same time. About half an hour after that, they will all congregate back around their bowls and the dance will start again.

Keep in mind, they are all getting the exact same food, and they are all getting the exact same amount. So what’s with the sharing? They’re not like this with their regular food. I put that down on the floor and they will pick at it when they’re hungry or ignore it if they’re not, and they certainly do not coordinate their feeding times. It’s just with the wet food that they all become slightly weird.

Seriously, are there any other multiple cat owners out there who have noticed this phenomenon? Or should I be having the cats checked for mental illness?


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