Posted by: Jennifer | December 4, 2006

killing innocence

It’s horrific enough when someone commits suicide in a public place, but when they take a child with them…that is just unspeakable.

A woman and a young child died last night after she apparently threw herself and the boy over a Scarborough overpass and into oncoming traffic on Highway 401.

The boy, who police say was between three and four years old, was taken to North York General Hospital with no vital signs. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

Homicide officers have been called in to investigate.

It was unclear whether the woman, who was reportedly the boy’s mother, jumped with the child in her arms or whether she threw him over the edge first, police said.

Police rushed to Morningside Avenue and Highway 401 just after 7 p.m. after the woman and the boy landed in the westbound lanes and were struck by at least one vehicle, Constable Dave Woodford with the OPP said.

“[The driver] has been taken to the hospital because of the stress and trauma of the incident,” he said.

It’s a toss-up who I feel worse for — the innocent child whose only crime was to be born to an unstable mother, or the driver of the car who was simply trying to get from Point A to Point B and ended up being a part of a nightmare.

I can sympathize with people who have the urge to end their lives. I have to admit that, years and years ago, I was in a state of mind where the thought did occur to me. But it never occured to me to take someone with me. If I was going to hurt myself, then it was going to be just me. I do not understand these people that need to take the world with them when they go. The idea is to kill yourself, not everyone else.


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