Posted by: Jennifer | November 28, 2006

the government thinks pink

The Liberal women’s caucus, headed by homewrecker MP Belinda Stronach, has released it’s recommendations on how to bring Canadian women up to speed — dollars and cents-wise, anyway — with their male counterparts.

The Liberal women’s caucus released Monday its “pink book,” a policy document that aims to keep women out of poverty and bridge the pay gap between men and women.

“Economic security is fundamental to achieving equality and social justice,” said Belinda Stronach, chair of the national Liberal women’s caucus.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government discriminates against women and has a shameful record on addressing women’s issues since coming to power earlier this year, Liberal MP Maria Minna said at a news conference.

Stronach highlighted the fact that Harper’s government cut funding from the Status of Women Department and removed the word “equality” from its mandate – despite the fact he campaigned on supporting women’s equality.

“He is not walking the talk,” Stronach said.

Earlier this year, the Conservative government cut the status of women agency’s budget by $5 million in administrative costs over the next few years. New rules also put restrictions on groups that can receive funding from the federal government. As a result, groups such as the National Association of Women and the Law and the Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada expect they will no longer receive any federal funding.

It’s the year 2006. You would think that our society had advanced to the point where this kind of publication was no longer necessary. Let’s bring women up to the level that they deserve to be at.


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