Posted by: Jennifer | November 24, 2006

a traditionalist, even when the tradition is kinda stupid

It seems like whenever I finish a job, I feel the need to celebrate or mourn by drinking large quantities of alcohol at a rapid pace. Tonight was no exception.

Damn you, D, and your need to stop at the tavern and then keep pouring beer down my throat! Damn you! And yet, thank you ever so much. I know that I’m drunk because I can’t decide if I should hate you or love you.

I know that y’all love hearing my drunken ramblings, but I’m going to stop now, and then I’m going to crawl the five feet to my couch and pass out. I think I may stay there for the rest of the night. Then, when I wake up in the morning and have a shower and throw up and brush my teeth (the order may vary) I will start looking for a new job.

‘Night, kiddies!


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