Posted by: Jennifer | November 11, 2006

getting nowhere quickly

If anyone is interested (and I would be highly surprised if anyone was), I’ve updated my NaNoWriMo profile to include an excerpt from my novel. Well, the first scene, actually. If you’re interested in crappy chick lit, then please check it out.

Progress on said novel is…well, slow. I’m currently holding steady at just over 2000 words, which sadly is more than I accomplished in all of the month of November last year. In contrast, my sister (who is my lone writing buddy) is already at the half-way mark with just under 25,000 words.

Well, at least with no job to keep me busy I’ll have plenty of time to devote to cranking out useless words that no one is ever going to read. Could someone please remind me while I continue to torture myself year after year for no reason? Is it just plain sadism? Am I crazy? Maybe I need professional help.

[/confidence spasm]


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