Posted by: Jennifer | October 26, 2006

bending the rules in the face of celebrity

I would just like to state for the record that while I applaud Madonna for taking the initiative and helping out a child in need, I have a real problem with the way that she went about it.

There are dozens of countries in Africa and in the Third World in general where there are children stacked up in orphanages living horrific lives. Madonna didn’t go to any of those places, though. Instead, she went to one of the few countries in Africa that does not allow adoption by foreigners, and walked out with a one-year-old. And she claims that her fame and money had nothing to do with it. If I were to go to that same country tomorrow and attempt to adopt a child, I would be denied because of the adoption laws that exist in that country. But for Madonna, it’s okay.

She had the rules bent/broken for her simply because she is powerful enough to do it, and now that she’s being taken to task for it, she’s getting defensive and says that money had nothing to do with it. I think it would be interesting to see what kind of improvements are made to that orphanage over the next little while. Something tells me that they’ve come into an influx of cash from an anonymous source.



  1. I was most annoyed with her comments on Oprah the other day, where she said something about how she wanted to help some unfortunate child have a better life. My immediate thought was “And what about the thousands of unfortunate kids in England who live in poverty or are shuffled from foster family to family? They’re not good enough to save?”

    At least when Angelina Jolie was adopting kids from other countries, she’d been doing an assload of charitable work with 3rd world countries for a while, not like Madonna’s “Oh, I’ll adopt a little brown boy and donate some money to build another orphanage”, when she could be donating her time and money to do something that appears to be little more than a publicity stunt. Does she have a new album in the workd? Maybe another children’s book?

    The least she could have done was pay attention to the saying “think globally, act locally.”

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