Posted by: Jennifer | October 20, 2006

getting bitchy

I bet Peter MacKay is wishing he had that remote control from the movie Click right about now:

Peter MacKay denied Thursday night that he referred to ex- girlfriend Belinda Stronach as a dog in the House of Commons earlier in the day.

[…] Asked why Liberal MPs would demand that he apologize and withdraw the remark if he never made it, Mr. MacKay said it’s all partisan politics.

“It’s a distraction away from their own inadequacies,” he said.

The dispute began in Ottawa in the afternoon. According to two Liberals who rose on a point of order after question period, Mr. MacKay made the comment in response to heckling from a Liberal, who had called out “What about Peter’s dog?”

Mr. MacKay allegedly responded by pointing to Ms. Stronach’s empty seat in the House and saying: “You already have her.”

Now you tell me which is more likely: that the entire Liberal party go together and came up with this story to distract the general public, or that MacKay made the comment? I have a funny feeling that it’s the latter, and you bet your ass that he better be apologizing quickly because otherwise he’ll have a platoon of women camped out on his doorstep. And I’ll be one of them.


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