Posted by: Jennifer | October 7, 2006

oh, the humanity!

I missed the Boobiethon!!!! They’re still taking donations and everything (I strongly encourage all of you to contribute) but they are no longer accepting photo submissions. They were apparently allowing photos to come in for only one week — from October 1 until today. And, of course, I wasn’t paying attention to the calendar and I didn’t realize that it was already October until it was too late. Yeah, twit here.

And so an annual tradition comes to an end, for me anyway. I might take a picture of my tits just for giggles, something to hang on the living room wall. In the meantime, give generously to help those who need it survive one of the most devastating plagues to ever hit our planet. Dramatic wording? Yes. Overdramatization of the problem? Absolutely not.



  1. I’m sorry you missed it! We actually took photo submissions for 2 weeks before the event, and then during up until noon on Saturday. We had so many this year, that if we didn’t close down submissions before the actual event, they wouldn’t have all been published in time. Thanks for your support!

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