Posted by: Jennifer | August 7, 2006

wanted: male thought-process decoder ring

I’m so sick and tired of trying to figure out what is going through The Man’s head. There are days when he is everything that I am looking for — sweet, caring, considerate, supportive, funny, generous. Then there are nights like last night, where by the time he leaves I feel emotionally drained and I have the self-esteem of a flea. I need some sort of decoder ring that I will allow me to access his thoughts before he opens his mouth, so that I can prepare myself for whatever his daily attitude will be like. The alternative is to lock myself up in a loony bin.

I wonder if I could find one on eBay. Hmmm….



  1. And they say women are bad. Men can be just as bad or worse some days! lol

  2. Funny how you are looking for such a device. Men have been looking for a machine to find out what women want for decades now. Don’t bother checking ebay because I have and there is nothing close……except one of those mood rings.
    Good Luck

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