Posted by: Jennifer | August 5, 2006

keeping busy

Life is…normal. As normal as my life has ever been, anyway.

I’m still at my two-week temp job…seven weeks later. No one has said anything to me about an end date, and I’m hoping that something permanent will come of this, but for now I’m just taking it one day at a time and doing the best job that I can.

It’s a long weekend here in Nova Scotia — Natal Day weekend. I had thought about going to the ‘rents for the weekend, but my sister has a friend staying with them and it seemed really crowded in the house. Plus, they have all sorts of touristy things planned for the friend’s benefit, and I just really wanted to spend the weekend kicked back on the couch. The high humidity that we have had in the area over the last few days has really taken a toll on my joints (stupid arthritis) and I’ve had to work through it, but now I’m enjoying the thought of not having to move at all. Well, I have to move around a little this morning, but then I’m done.

I just read the last paragraph and realized that I sound like an eighty-year-old woman. Someone shoot me now.

Okay, back to my coffee and the pilot episode of Lost (what did I do with my life before TV shows were on DVD?). Have a great weekend everyone!


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