Posted by: Jennifer | July 21, 2006

to review, or not to review

Based on Kevin Smith’s latest blog post, I’d say Joel Siegel is a bit of an ass.

He left the premiere of “Clerks II” the other night forty minutes into the movie. He couldn’t do this quietly, of course, and made sure that everyone knew that he hated the flick.

Now, I have to agree with Kevin on this one: I have no problem with someone leaving a movie that they are not enjoying. But you do not disturb the people around you who are enjoying the film. That’s just fucking rude. All Siegel had to do was get up, quietly slip out and then mention in his review that he hated the film so much that he was forced to leave the theater. Instead he made a public spectacle of himself. And in the end, he really screwed himself over because the story du jour is not the film, but Siegel walking out and then being called on the carpet for it.

I would also like to point out the fact that a man who is paid to go to the movies, watch the film and then write a review about it walked out of the movie before it was finished. I hope he is not getting paid to review a movie that he didn’t technically watch.

Find some time this weekend to go to the local theater and take in “Clerks II”. EW liked the film, at least. So maybe Siegel’s opinion isn’t as important as he likes to think.



  1. I have to fully agree with you on this. He sounds like a man who thinks the world revolves around him.

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