Posted by: Jennifer | July 14, 2006

so sad

When you are a part of a military family, this is news that you never want to hear:

Military officials are searching for answers to what caused a Cormorant helicopter to crash into the sea during a training exercise early Thursday, killing three airmen and injuring four others.

[…]The seven military personnel were on the CH-149 Cormorant helicopter conducting a routine Canadian Forces search and rescue training exercise with the Coast Guard when the accident happened at around 12:30 a.m.

[…]The bodies of Sgt. Duane Brazil, 39, a flight engineer, Master Cpl. Kirk Noel, 33, a search-and-rescue technician, and Cpl. Trevor McDavid, 31, a flight engineer, were recovered from inside the wreckage of the floating helicopter by coast guard divers who also responded to the crash scene.

Two of the three, Brazil and McDavid, were married with children.

Two of the four survivors were reported in serious but non-life-threatening condition in a Halifax hospital on Thursday.

The team was based at 14 Wing Greenwood, in the Annapolis Valley. It is also the base where my mother works. The entire Wing is currently in a state of mourning. The squadron that the three men belonged to — 413 — was supposed to have their Change of Command parade today, but that has been cancelled until further notice. Outside of the squadron, on other parts of the base, personnel and families are dealing with the inevitable grief/relief syndrome — grief over the loss of friends and relief that they themselves are not gone. The weather has already been ruled out as a factor. Hopefully a reason for this terrible tragedy will be found quickly.


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