Posted by: Jennifer | April 17, 2006

tell me why I don’t like mondays…

Well, the whole work saga has ended in the only way possible.

I was fired this morning.

Technically I wasn’t “fired”. I was asked to leave, but my boss has allowed me to formally resign. The end result is the same, though. I have no job. No income. Nothing.

I’m trying to look at this on the bright side (believe it or not, there is one). I have been saying for months now that I wanted to get a new job, that I was bored and needed something new. But realistically, there was no way that I would even look for something new as long as I was in the old job. This was for two reasons: a) I was settling into a rut that was hard to get out of. And 2) I physically was not capable of looking for work while I was already working, because of the whole no-car-relying-on-the-bus thing. I would have to take time off work to look for work, and that just wasn’t going to happen.

But now, I have my chance. My boss has (kindly) told me that he would pay me through the end of this week. This gives me five four working days of essentially pre-paid job hunting time. There are worse things in life, I would think. I now have the opportunity to find something better, with more pay and more respect. Who could turn that down?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go curl into a ball in the corner and sob hysterically for a while. Before I can do any real job hunting, I need to have a bit of a pity party.

I should add, before I have to break out the Kleenex, that I have received all of the emails and good wishes that you guys have sent to me over the last week or so and they have meant a lot to me. I haven’t responded, just because I am not good at answering emails and letters. But you need to know that it meant the world to me that any of you thought to write.



  1. I’m so sorry! 😦 That sucks big time, since you’ve done nothing wrong. But you’re right – this can be a wonderful new opportunity. Good luck! *HUGS*

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